365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen...

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365 Days Netflix Movie Animated Reaction
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Runtime: 14:05


Mythical Siren
Mythical Siren - 11 timer siden
The main character is so unlikable, she doesn’t have much skills or character traits. Call me a feminist, but I would like her more if she would have some character. I’m sure this movie is made by or for (or both) cliché romantics ages 16-40.
softbby - 11 timer siden
Wattpad's been real quiet since this movie came out-
Jocelyn Morales
Jocelyn Morales - 11 timer siden
“ i am the pretty thing that lives in the walls” that’s the worst I’ve seen
Mythical Siren
Mythical Siren - 11 timer siden
Thank god, I thought I was the only one that thought this movie was garbage.
Flogirl 2234
Flogirl 2234 - 11 timer siden
The soundtrack did slap though🤷🏼‍♀️
Emily Ragg
Emily Ragg - 11 timer siden
9:21 ok but my parents did walk in during this scene and 2 others
Ishmael Robleh
Ishmael Robleh - 11 timer siden
The worst part about it was in the movie the guy everyone is in love with victim blamed the main character when she was about to get raped that’s not hot or sexy that is completely wrong
Hồng Ngọc Nguyễn
Hồng Ngọc Nguyễn - 11 timer siden
I fucking laughed all the time !
Melanie Pipkins
Melanie Pipkins - 11 timer siden
this guy reminds me of some other guy my 11 yr old always watches... his cartoon charecter is very similar
Touka Dark
Touka Dark - 11 timer siden
All I could feel watching this movie was “rape” as in the creepy way
art styles
art styles - 11 timer siden
unbelievable how they made a movie about someone kidnapping a woman and making her fall in love with him, and everything seems fine because y'all are thirsty for the actor.
Yxxnmin VS Tutorial
Yxxnmin VS Tutorial - 11 timer siden
The fact that this movie is 8.9/10 on Netflix 🙂👊🏻 it deserve 0!!!
Queen B
Queen B - 11 timer siden
Olivia Cooley
Olivia Cooley - 12 timer siden
Your animations kill me. It’s more entertaining than anything!
Am Lily
Am Lily - 12 timer siden
Are you lost B A B Y G I R L
Brook Kelly
Brook Kelly - 12 timer siden
Y’all complaining that this movie is messed up and unrealistic, do y’all think they made this to be realistic? Lol if y’all think everyone movie is made to be that way I bet y’all love sharknado and any other movie that obviously is just made to captures people’s attention. Y’all stressing too much about this. It’s just a movie
Liz J
Liz J - 12 timer siden
God this movie was so dry
Em - 13 timer siden
This movie is just a mess lol
Elza Chavira
Elza Chavira - 13 timer siden
I always laugh so hard on these!!! 🤣🤣🤣
S M - 13 timer siden
Decide to watch your review after someone on my snapchat posted "If you're gonna watch 365 days, make sure to have some clean underwear to spare"
Ya, I'm concerned for her.😂
voi kukkaperseessä
voi kukkaperseessä - 13 timer siden
I do... BIsNEs
theNovaron - 13 timer siden
Every time I watch movie commentaries of bad movies, at the end the reviewer says their own ideas of different directions the movie could have taken and it always upsets me how much more I want to watch their hypothetical movie than the actual one I just witnessed '_'
Cotton Charss
Cotton Charss - 13 timer siden
Basically it's a Stockholm syndrome movie
Natalia - 13 timer siden
It is the HOTTEST FOREIGN movie I've ever seen!! And Michele Marrone is the hottest. sexiest man I've ever seen.. you're just jealous!!!! Lol...
BTS lover
BTS lover - 13 timer siden
React to love on netflix
Aesthetic Artic
Aesthetic Artic - 13 timer siden
Seven Belle Days
Seven Belle Days - 13 timer siden
The captions were on and it said 3:23 Are you Lost Vinegar , its way better than the actual line 🤣🤣🤣
I'm Just JhoKing
I'm Just JhoKing - 14 timer siden
Are you lost baby gurll🥴
William Remsen
William Remsen - 14 timer siden
Glorifying stalking. Great. 😱
Cael Maslin
Cael Maslin - 14 timer siden
1:34 Looks like a good introduction to a CSI episode. It looks comically awful in basically any other genre.
CodyZooom - 14 timer siden
Am I the only one who kinda enjoyed it
Kathy Koum
Kathy Koum - 14 timer siden
Thank God I haven’t watched it
Ogunleye Victor
Ogunleye Victor - 14 timer siden
This movie is just hype 🙄
Gemma Gasca
Gemma Gasca - 15 timer siden
“Your parents will walk in during the bone scene” I can confirm and I had to take off my glasses
kittykit210 - 15 timer siden
Personally, dont like themovie becuase it glorified tge idea of being kidnapped and raped. This is not okay. And its also about the devils tango. It really is the WORST FILM EVER!!!!
Gemma Gasca
Gemma Gasca - 15 timer siden
whenever he said “are you lost babygirl” I just laugh
L T - 15 timer siden
Sorry but this the best movie I've ever watched 😤
Moana Yandall
Moana Yandall - 15 timer siden
All I have to say is Stockholm syndrome
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones - 15 timer siden
Am I the only one who hates how right he is ❤️😒
Complex H
Complex H - 15 timer siden
Tbh you think every movie is trash it’s mad annoying at this point😒
Sup Peeps
Sup Peeps - 15 timer siden
I’ve genuinely not enjoyed a video in a long time but i came across this channel and i have to SAY 10/10 loveeeed it and subscribed too!:) you are ssssooooo funny
Zeldamon - 15 timer siden
Welcome back to another episode of ‘how is this not porn’
Castor Alpha
Castor Alpha - 15 timer siden
How is this not a horror movie? Bruh.
Jayquill Berry
Jayquill Berry - 15 timer siden
If this movie skipped the whole kidnapped and stalking people, they could've made a great action movie about the mafia.
Jayquill Berry
Jayquill Berry - 15 timer siden
I would NEVER sleep if I were in this situation. I swear these movies have some kind of usually red flag behaviors checklist. He literally only saw her ONCE and decided to stalk and kidnap her for a year, almost KILLS her, and she just falls in love with him!
emme stewart
emme stewart - 16 timer siden
it’s just them having IT. there is no plot
Excellent Ocholi
Excellent Ocholi - 16 timer siden
This was a cring worthy movie😂😂💀💀
ayshah - 16 timer siden
They got way too much hype that there's probably gonna be a sequel
ayshah - 16 timer siden
can this channel just be called unpopular opinions because I agree 365 days wasn't the best AT ALL but also he said YOU was weird, Riverdale was weird, apart from that I agree with him (:
skysong39 - 16 timer siden
The actual worst hilarious film of all time!!
Benjamin Ikpeme
Benjamin Ikpeme - 16 timer siden
Haven't watched Alex Meyers in a while. Nice to know nothing's changed.😂
Charli M
Charli M - 16 timer siden
Hey thank you now i can at least feel better about 50 shades of grey a little👏👏👏
Rreze Hoxha
Rreze Hoxha - 16 timer siden
He says “I won’t do anything without your permission” after kidnapping her, while on top of her, groping her boob 🤦🏼‍♀️
Pavlog - 16 timer siden
are we really going to ignore the fact that everything about this movie is WRONG?????
Amber Crauw
Amber Crauw - 16 timer siden
He’s not even hot. He’s cringe and romanticizing kidnapping isn’t cute, people be STUPIDDD if you are drooling over this ugly fugly smugly doofus.
Miss1Vogue - 17 timer siden
I find it interesting that in the age of girl power and feminism, we have more and more movies that are the opposite thing and have huge success among women! I feel like in the 90s we had a lot of movies with true girl power and feminism were not talked so much. This would be a interesting point of research.
Anda Dabica
Anda Dabica - 17 timer siden
My friend made me watch the WHOLE movie and she said it's ok becouse he said that he's not gonna touch her without her consent which he does anyways...

I need new friends
Shaggy𓆏 • 10 years ago
Shaggy𓆏 • 10 years ago - 17 timer siden
If it was my crush I mean I wouldn't mind
Maria Alejandra Jaramillo
Maria Alejandra Jaramillo - 17 timer siden
hahhahaah this is the best thing ever!
Drippy Tv
Drippy Tv - 17 timer siden
Imagine if Laura was black, this movie would take a whole different turn ( not saying all black ppl would act differently ) 😂
Lucy Pagano
Lucy Pagano - 17 timer siden
*Lmao guys... You're not gonna believe me but..He's my older sister's EX!*
*I didn't realize he became famous lmao. It's so weird. He used to come to my house a lot, I knew him back when I was 12 . I haven't watched the movie yet but holy cow... I can't believe he became a famous actor now* 😱
Scotti Brown
Scotti Brown - 17 timer siden
I’ll admit that when I watched 365 Days and they showed Massimo in the conference room in San Francisco and Laura was shown in a conference room in Warsaw; correct me if I’m wrong, but the place Laura worked at had a scandal happened and back in San Francisco Massimo is being told that he has lost money and I originally thought was, oh this how they meet like in some kind of business setting type of thing. Boy was I wrong!
And me being a smartass, if someone ever asked me “are you lost baby girl?” I would have replied with, “does it look like I’m lost?”
Grechia Mendéz
Grechia Mendéz - 17 timer siden
ArE yOu loSt baBy goRL 🥵💀💀
Roxie JoJo
Roxie JoJo - 17 timer siden
Love your review 🤣🤣🤣🤣
athariell - 17 timer siden
This is so dumb 🤦🏻‍♀️
Beagle_Lover 22
Beagle_Lover 22 - 17 timer siden
I didn't like it either. It has too much
"weird" content.
Ancella - 17 timer siden
wait so did laura die? like this is confusing asf
Alicja Roztocka
Alicja Roztocka - 17 timer siden
Actual translations (did my best)
0:56 Guy: (...) But its better if you dont fight with your little heart
2:23 Guy: Oh geez. Don't get mad ok? You know that you shouldnt (fight) with your heart-
Laura: Oh fuck off with my "heart". Do you even care about something more than you care about yourself? Who even am I to you?
Guy: Me? Im the one who doesnt care about you?!
9:48 Laura: We dont have anything to talk about. No! You said everything you needed to say- now leave me alone! Goodbye!
10:44 Lauras friend: I love you. You hear me? I'll always be with you. We will bring up the child together.
I spent a lot of time on this. Hope its useful :)
Isabella MP
Isabella MP - 17 timer siden
If you choose a random book from Wattpad you probably will find something like this. Just change that man for a random idol.
It's the same personality, you know "A 666 Jungkook, DaAmM sexY giRl lemMe cheCk yOu oUt"
Sierra Clark
Sierra Clark - 18 timer siden
The “Why are you so disobedient” part killed me lmao
Harry Tshimanga
Harry Tshimanga - 18 timer siden
I agree!! This movie is shii and more of human trafficking
Shivanjali Pardeshi
Shivanjali Pardeshi - 18 timer siden
I love 365♥️♥️♥️
Kyra Edde
Kyra Edde - 18 timer siden
Did this movie really just try to normalize Stolkholm Syndrome, rape, and kidnapping all at once? That’s so disgusting. And what’s more disgusting is girls on TikTok saying they want a guy like that...NO WE DON’T!
Grace Rodhouse
Grace Rodhouse - 18 timer siden
he’s really hot until he opens his mouth and says that cringy ass line
Samantha Jacques
Samantha Jacques - 18 timer siden
wait till you've seen "The Last Airbender" the movie is an abomination
It’s Dija
It’s Dija - 19 timer siden
I literally stopped watching the second he said “Are You Lost, Baby Girl?”
I was low key looking—and hoping—for some spice in the movie. But I literally just stopped. I would’ve kept watching just to look at Massimo’s fine ass but (‼️⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️‼️) this movie only showed teasing, temptation, seduction, (a little 👉👌) and some man handling.
Imma be real. D+ for the movie and an A+ for Massimo like DAMN!!!
dukkym0m0 - 19 timer siden
I see ♬♗ Ř𝐄𝓭 😡♪
Johanna Plänker
Johanna Plänker - 19 timer siden
Like wtf if a random man that I've never seen before stood right in front of me in the dark and said "aRe YoU LoSt bAbYgIrL?" I'd punsh him in the face and RUN!
Shubhi - 19 timer siden
I am waiting for the net movie that will make you regard 365 Days as a fairy-tale! Maybe Stockholm+serial murderer! xD
Himani Singh
Himani Singh - 19 timer siden
This was trash ....... only reason to watch was Michele